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23 04 2009

Travel info to Cyprus! 😀


Sindy’s new blog

10 02 2009

Hi, I decided to move away from wordpress and registered for a blog on blogger instead. My new blog is at Thanks, see you all in class!


Important Dates for York Students

25 09 2008
University Closed? Classes Held? Exams Held? Registration and Enrolment System available? Administrative Services Available?
Rosh Hashanah (Sep 30-Oct 1) 1 No No No Yes Yes
Yom Kippur (Oct 9) 2 No No No Yes Yes
Thanksgiving (Oct 13) Yes No No Yes No


Post your blog here

18 09 2008

Please post your name and link here 🙂

– Sindy and Andrea

TTG: $150 for full time students

16 09 2008

Hi everyone,

This is not Spam! The Ontario government has established a “Textbook and Technology Grant” for its students. As a full time student, you can receive a $150 cheque. Just apply through OSAP with your SIN number and student number on hand. It took me 10 minutes 🙂

Here’s the link:


— Sindy